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Urosorb is a urological herbal preparation used for inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary tract and urolithiasis. Urosorb does not contain additives or titanium dioxide. Consists exclusively of extracts.

Rosemary leaves

Composition of rosemary leaves: rosmarinic acid, carnosic acid, carnosol, rosmanol, rosmanial, ursolic acid, oleanolic acid, genquanin, apigenin and luteolin.

They have an antibacterial and diuretic effect and are used in the complex treatment of genitourinary tract infections.

Rosemary is effective against the bacterium Staphylococcus saprophyticus, which often causes cystitis. Reduces the growth of a number of gram-positive pathogenic bacteria. An important component is rosmarinic acid. It is able to suppress bacteria and viruses, inhibit the synthesis of inflammatory mediators.

The antioxidants contained in rosemary (rosmarinic acid, phenolic diterpenes, etc.) help reduce oxidation processes during inflammation and maintain blood supply to the kidneys, protecting against ischemic nephropathy.

Bitternesses carnosol, rosmanol, rosmanial relax muscle tissue and relieve spasms. The flavonoids genquanin and luteolin have a high anti-inflammatory effect.

Centaury grass

Centaury grass is rich in phenolic and cinnamic acids, contains flavonoids, polysubstituted xanthones, and the alkaloid gentianine.

Glycosides are important for the treatment of urinary tract diseases. Svetiamarin and sweroside 3 are the main active components of the extract, responsible for bitterness. Glycosides inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevent their movement from the ureter higher. Another important component is phenolcarboxylic acids. They have an osmotic effect: they prevent the reabsorption of water and sodium salts, remove fluid to the outside, and provide a diuretic effect.

Lovage root

Lovage root is rich in phthalides and essential oil.

Phthalides play a role in pain relief. They eliminate discomfort and make urination easier. Lovage root is recommended as a strong diuretic that prevents the reabsorption of water in the kidneys. And some data suggest that lovage enhances the effect of antibiotics, so Urosorb can be used as an adjuvant therapy in the treatment of antibacterial drugs. Essential oils improve blood flow and relieve spasms.

Common bearberry.

Bearberry is a natural herbal diuretic with complex diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. This multidirectional effect is achieved thanks to the exceptionally rich composition of this medicinal plant. Bearberry contains arbutin and methylarbutin, hydroquinone, tannins, phenol glycosides. The medicinal properties of the infusion of bearberry leaves are actively used in urology – in the treatment of cystitis, urethritis and other infectious and inflammatory diseases of the urinary system.

Indications for use: in the complex treatment of inflammatory diseases of the bladder and urinary tract (cystitis, urethritis).

Effect of using Urosorb:

Normalizes urination, prevents the formation and re-growth of stones, prevents inflammation of the genitourinary system, helps eliminate microorganisms, reduces pain symptoms, and has an antispasmodic effect.

Advantages of Urosorb:

– extraction with maximum preservation of active substances

– standardized form – each tablet and drop contains the same amount of active ingredients

– does not contain titanium dioxide

– without the use of GMOs and stabilizers

Effects when using Urosorb:

Urosorb effectively complements antibiotic treatment, and in the case of uncomplicated cystitis it can become an alternative as monotherapy. It also helps reduce the frequency and intensity of relapses of cystitis and urethritis. The drug reduces the frequency of relapses of pyelonephritis, this is due to the bacteriostatic effect of the drug. Urosorb has a beneficial effect on the physicochemical properties of urine, stabilization of pH , prevents the formation of stones, and promotes the active removal of salts from the body. Urosorb has a pronounced lithological effect.

Course of administration: 2 tablets 3 times a day for 14 to 28 days. In case of urolithiasis, the course can be extended to 3-6 months.